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Born and bred in Queensland Australia but now living in Ireland after a serial travel addiction. Met an amazing man here and ended up staying. Both of the boys were born here and have a weird accent with touches of Aussie, English, Irish and even Spanish from my mum.

To quote Jane Austen: If adventures do not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.

So I finished my degree and like so many young Aussie's headed overseas on my Grand Tour and a little like one of my literary heroes Percy Bysshe Shelley never really made it home.

Started blogging a few years ago but after getting hijacked by a hacker and the pain of taking down the site, went back to my old school journal by the bed.

Now that I am writing full-time and the laptop is superglued to me, I thought I would take up where I left off.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eddie Izzard for Children?

One of the biggest joys of having more time to spend with my boys is the random conversations we have. At lunch yesterday, the topic came around to what ringtone would different people have on their mobile phones - when they were old enough to have one of course!

After some discussion about the pros and cons of various suggestions, it was decided that Daddy would have the original Star Wars Darth Vader theme tune. A pretty good choice I think and one I had no input in, it was all Ben and Sam.

We moved on to try and decide on what Mummy's ringtone would be, but before we got very far I noticed that Sam had stopped contributing. He was sitting at the table with his hands over his face and chuckling so hard that his whole body was shaking. I asked him what was so funny, but he said he could not tell me because it involved swear words. Had to find out what was amusing him so much so Aidan and I agreed to a once off lifting of the swearing ban so he could tell us what was so funny.

Sam then proceeded to compose himself and give us a word for word performance of Eddie Izzard's Death Star Canteen. To the best of my knowledge he had only ever seen this once before and it just goes to show the power of the swear word in a child's brain. He had the timing down and even had different voices for Vader and the canteen worker. Priceless! As mortified as I was that he remembered my Youtube faux pas - who thought that googling for Lego Star Wars would bring up such age inappropriate content - it was pretty funny. Note to self...don't google with the kids peering over my shoulder. All I can say is - classic comedy, just not from the mouths of babes!!


  1. Woot - Deels, I didn't know you had a blog!!!! I've just got back from my conference in Sydney, which is why I didn't have a change to give you a heads up about that blog post!!!!!!! Oh and stupid Facebook has locked me out because I did the wrong password when I was away. Anyway, no idea if I will ever pass their stupid test to let me back in - I have to ID other people's photographs. Interesting!!! Anyway, I will link to you tomorrow when I get my shizz sorted out!!!!!

    Btw, my kids LOVED that Lego clip - so funny. Molly is now walking around going 'death by tray'!!!!!

  2. Just back up blogging. My old blog got hijacked and was so much trouble to fix that I gave up. Love Eddie Izzard so much but feel like a bad mummy letting them away with such terrible language. You forget that it is even there as an adult until you hear them chuckling. Your blog brought a little tear to my eye, I actually remember that outfit!!